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Evolution of Paper - Part 2
About Us

For almost 25 years, CP Engineering has dedicated itself to a common goal to serve the Global Pulp,Paper and Paper converting industry with quality used, unused and reconditioned equipment at competitive prices. Throughout the past 2 decades and into the next, this commitment for customer satisfaction will continue to be the foundation for our success.

Our specialisation in the Pulp and Paper Mill Machinery and our good contacts to this Industry has earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner world wide. Pulp and Paper Industry is a highly capital intensive market, where the need for well maintained used machines has always been stressed in the developing countries. Buying used machinery is a matter of trust and we at CPE have proven that we can stand up to this challenge and help our industry with quality service. We have a net work of reputed paper and pulp mill engineers dedicated to servicing our customer needs Chronograph Herrenuhr.

Our inventory contains a large selection of equipment for the industry which are listed in our on line catalogue. This listing-complete with product descriptions and photos are updated on a continuous basis.
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Asset Recovery Program
CP Engineering can assist you in your investment recovery program designed to procure, market and sell company’s idle assets for a percentage of the sale. To assure success, CPE will take complete responsibility for all phases of operation that are normally associated with selling surplex equipment including inventory control, marketing and advertising, sales and support, accounting and logistics. Our asset management team will demonstrate our capabilities which will help your company to increase your bottom line.
Equipment Appraisals
We are in a position to help you and your company in equipment appraisal from a qualified chartered engineer from our team. We can evaluate whole plants, process lines and single machinery on behalf of liquidators, auctioneers, courts, government agencies and financial institutions world wide.

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